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This section includes webpages that may be of interest to those who want to learn more about European starlings.

European starling and young.
Photograph © UMWELTBILD
  Frequently Asked Questions
If you have some general questions about starlings, please visit this link.
A list of books about Starlings and other wild birds.
  The European Starling
General information about the European Starling.
  Diet of the Wild European Starling
Information about the diet of wild European starlings.
  In the Nest
See photos of wild European Starlings from hatching to fledging.
Starlings and Cavity-nesters
Research on the impact of starlings to other cavity nesters.

Learning to Sing
Research on song learing in birds, especially starlings.

The beautiful starling photo is courtesy of UMWELTBILD -- email address:

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