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Pet Starlings

Welcome to the Pet Starlings pages. If you share your home with a pet starling, you are in the right place. Pet starlings can be wonderful talkers. Click the following link to hear the sound files of a pet starling talking at Starlings can talk?

Click on any of the following topics to visit webpages in this section. Also, check out this page with some neat starling items that people with pet starlings would enjoy. Neat Stuff

Visually Sexing a Starling
Is your starling male or female? This page contains photos and information that might help you answer this question.
Beautiful adult European Starling
Photograph © P. G. Mutalik
What? Feed Dog Food To A Starling?
Read why animal protein is necessary in the European starling diet and why parrot hand-feeding formula is not adequate for starlings.
Cages for Starlings
If you need some cage ideas, this page has photos as well as information about building a cage or purchasing one.
Bright Ideas
Visit here to read some helpful tips and posts from other starling owners at the Starling Talk message board.
Read about Kuro, the oldest captive starling, and see his photos.
Mozart's Starling
An article by Dr. Meredith J. West and Andrew P. King on how Mozart's K.522 could have been influenced by his pet starling.
Talking Starlings
Listen to pet starlings talk, whistle, and mimic.
Pet Starling Information
Important information on caring for a pet starling.

The beautiful starling photo is courtesy of P. G. Mutalik.
See more work by this photographer here:

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