In the Nest

DAY 18: Starling Fledgling Getting Ready to Leave the Nest

They are getting close to leaving. They are jumping around in the nest a lot and flapping their wings hard. I took a number of shots of them hanging outside the nest and of mom flying up to feed them. I play a cat and mouse game with her. She doesn't like me around and will fly up and squawk at me if she sees me. I either take a picture through a crack in the door, or from a window above the door. Notice all the cherry pits in the nest. I also noticed mom feeding a fledgling out on the neighbor's lawn under the cherry tree; it looked around the same age as the others still in the nest. The fledglings from the first clutch can now feed themselves and I believe are starting to get their adult feathers.

Starling Fledgling Getting Ready to Leave the Nest - Day 18

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