In the Nest

DAY 7: Starling Nestling showing Wing Development

I managed to fish another one out of the nest, although it was a bit of a chore. I have to do it one-handed, and their little wings are getting strong. It was interesting that while I was taking photos mom was still feeding the others. I am fairly sure there are only four now. I guess the dead baby in the lawn was one of them. These chicks are getting active and noisy now, really screaming for food. I was also amused that the chick I took out seemed to be most comfortable resting in my hand. When I held my hand down it made its way toward it and tried to climb on it. When I made a chirping noise at it, it chirped back and seemed to enjoy being outside. Notice the wing development in just one day. No wonder they are hungry. *Note* -- It is very unusual for the last hatched chick (when it is a day late) to survive.

Starling Nestling showing Wing Development -- Day 6

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