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Starling Talk
Care and Rehabilitation of Injured and
Orphaned Starlings

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Starling Health

If you have questions about starling illness or injuries, this section was created for you. If your bird seems ill, or if you need to know how to choose an avian vet, please see the first page listed below immediately!

Illness in Pet Starlings
Go here to read about signs to look for in a sick bird. Also very important advice about choosing an avian veterinarian for your starling.

Hyperkeratosis can be a serious disease in birds. Read about it here.

Mysterious Leg Problems
Some pet starlings have been afflicted with a strange leg condition. Information gathered about it can be seen on this page.

Bone Fracture Repair
Go here for photos and detailed information about splinting a bird's leg. A diagram showing stabilization of a wing fracture is also on this page.

Hemochromatosis, also known as Iron Storage Disease.

Teflon Warning
A webpage on the dangers of non-stick products.

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