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Free Starling Talk Message Board

Have you recently rescued a baby European starling and need advice about what to feed it and how to care for it? Do you already share your home with a rescued European starling? Would you like to meet other starling owners with whom you can share about your bird?

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions, there is a place on the Internet designed specifically for you. It is the Starling Talk Message Board.

The Starling Talk Message Board is a large community of people who share a passion for European starlings and their wellbeing. It is also a place where starling owners can ask questions and receive prompt, factual information.

The message board is owned by Jackie Collins, a former federally permitted wildlife rehabber with many years of experience raising starlings and other wild birds. Dr. Vanessa Rolfe, esteemed avian veterinarian, The Bird and Exotic Hospital, is available to address starling health problems.

The board is set up to assist people with rescued baby starlings, starling health issues, starling emergencies, and starling adoptions. Its forum categories include General Starling Discussions, Starling Diet & Feeding, Starling Health & Safety, Starling Cages & Toys, Starling Photos, Wild Starlings, Starling Adoptions, and more. There are also forums about other non-native rescued birds such as House sparrows.

Starling Talk's Message Board is the best resource if you own a rescued European starling! New members are always welcome. Joining the message bard is quick and easy. Simply click: Starling Talk Message Board, and sign up now.

Sign up today. Your starling will thank you.

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