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Wild Bird First Aid

How to Safely Hold an Adult Wild Bird
Hold the bird's neck,(right under his head), between your index finger and second finger, forming a secure grip while gently curling the rest of your fingers around the bird's body. The wings will lie smoothly underneath your palm. The goal is to restrain the bird without putting pressure around its body. It is very important not to grasp a bird too tightly around the body, because doing so will risk cutting off air to the air sacs and will restrict breathing, possibly even causing suffocation.

How to safely hold an adult wild bird.
How to safely hold an adult wild bird -- view 2.

In these photos, notice the position of the two fingers surrounding the bird's neck below his head.

How to safely hold an adult wild bird. -- view 3.
This view shows the fingers curled gently around the bird's body while the head is restrained.

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